Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Way Back When Wednesday - 15Feb2012

Did you have a lovely Valentine's Day? I certainly hope you did! Our day was full of chocolates, school, school parties, and meetings. We finished with a family dinner, grilled steaks and candlelight. The candles sat upon the table runner...that isn't bound....sigh. I'll have photos for you tomorrow.

Today's snapshot takes us back two decades...

It's my beloved and me on our very first Valentine's Day together! We went to dinner with a group of friends and family. We ate at an Italian restaurant named Alberto's. We dined on steak, and ate the best lobster I've ever had. One of our couple-friends got engaged. I'm happy to report they are still married!

As you see, we're sporting hair and fashion from the early nineties. Only AquaNet had the lacquer-like abilities to hold that kind of 'do. I'm sure it took me hours to artfully master my hair. Ha! The red silk suit I'm wearing was a Christmas gift from DH. He still has the best taste in clothing, and always manages to find something perfectly tailored for me. He's a keeper!

It's the only piece of fashion I've held onto all these years. Sadly, I can only fit one thigh into the skirt. And after nursing three kids, those princess seams on the jacket don't quite meet up where they were originally planned. I'm not sure why I keep the suit. Perhaps I should hack it up and turn it into a new memory.

Have you kept any clothes from decades back?
Why or why not?

Happy Wednesday!

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