Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Tip

If you have an opportunity to visit IRL with a bloggy friend, seize that chance!

Saturday was that opportunity for me. After weeks of planning, battling colds and funky Southern weather, Petra from This Good Steward and I were finally able to exchange our cyber-hugs for real ones.

Real Hugs are much better than Cyber-Hugs! ☺
Larri and Petra (This Good Steward)

We found a central location for our meet-up (and one of my favorite places to visit!) in Gastonia, NC at Mary Jo's. How exciting it was to introduce the Mary Jo's empire to Petra. I loved seeing her beautiful blue eyes widen as we walked through the doors and she took in all that fabric!

Happiness Is...Meeting Bloggy Friends at the Fabric Store!

Unless you've experienced it, I'm not sure I can explain the instant connection you feel when finally meeting a bloggy friend. Your friend, who has been part of your life through words, becomes part of your life through a tangible moment. It's exciting and fun in a nervous energy sort of way. ☺ I have more to share with you about this meet-up, though it will have to wait until later this week.

Thank you, dearest Petra (and Rick!), for spending your Saturday with LittleGirl and me. We loved every minute!

Have you ever had a meet-up with one of your bloggy friends?

Happy Tuesday!

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