Thursday, February 16, 2012

Au Courant - Red, White, & Honey

In an effort to actually CREATE instead of 
simply reading and being inspired,
Thursday's posts are all about my latest crafting efforts.

I'd like to say I have several finishes for this week; however, that isn't true...sigh. The Valentine's Table Runner is still a WIP...sigh. It still needs to have the binding attached...sigh. Okay. Enough of the heavy breathing. On with Au Courant!

Whether or not it was finished, that runner was going to grace our Valentine's Dinner table. It added a nice bit of color to all the white.

I like the simplicity of the runner...charm squares cut in half, and then stacked down the center; and more squares cut in half twice before stacking for the right and left sides.

And one more look at the runner and table. The plan is to bind with the charms scraps. What do you think? Should I make it a scrappy binding, or should I bind in a solid color? Red? Pink? White?

We grilled steaks for our Valentine's Dinner, and served those with the kids' favorite veggies. We also had a cheesy broccoli rice casserole. It was a very enjoyable dinner. We took turns focusing on one family member, and telling that person one thing we loved most about them. It was a great way to show our love for one another, and I especially enjoyed watching my kids' grin and glow as they heard what we loved about each of them.

We finished dinner with a Cherry Crisp Vanilla Parfait. The hot crisp melts the vanilla ice cream, swirling creamy cool into cherry goodness. Yum!

The only other crafting I did this week was to make a sleeve for LittleGirl's Valentine gift for her teacher. We opted for a jar of local Sourwood Honey this year. The sleeve was a 2-minute sewing project. It's made from stretch lace, and makes an elegant presentation.

We placed the jar into a clear cellophane bag along with a homemade paper heart. We wrote "Happy Valentine's Day to a honey of a teacher!"  So sorry. I forgot to take a photo of the wrapped gift. I will definitely use this type of presentation again, so I'll be sure to snap a pic next time. Hopefully, LittleGirl's teacher will like this. Unfortunately, she hasn't seen the gift. The night before Valentine's, she fell and broke her arm. Ouch! Mrs. F - if you're reading this, we hope you feel much better soon!

That's all the crafting for me this week. It's time to stitch up some new clothes. I've got some yummy knits and even some denim just waiting to be made into closet creations. Can't wait to show you that next week!

What have you been crafting?

Happy Thursday!

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