Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Way Back When Wednesday

This is one of my all-time favorite snaps of my boys. I had been gifted with an SLR camera that year, 2002, and I took TONS of pictures. The lighting isn't perfect in this photo; however, the absolute joy on their faces is quite evident.

They were having the most fun playing in a big pile of leaves that day. The vibrant oranges and yellows and reds from the maple tree in our front yard provided hours of Fall play for the boys. They'd run and jump into the 'mountain', then scoop up fistfuls of those crunchy leaves to toss into the air.

The boys were rolling around in the leaves, each starting at one end and meeting in the middle of the pile. It was at this meeting moment, when I captured them in this image. It's also right before I announced it was time to go inside and take naps. Their expressions quickly changed after this photo; and I'm happy I was able to grab a piece of their joy.

Do you have a favorite photo?

Happy Wednesday! 

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