Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Way Back When Wednesday

Sometimes I feel a little cheated that blogging wasn't around when I was younger, when my babies were babies, when I took LOTS of photos. I'm not a scrapbooker; however, I love blogging. It really is kind of an online scrapbook isn't it?

To remedy this cheated feeling, today begins Way Back When Wednesdays. I'm going through old photos and will be featuring one each Wednesday. This gives me a chance to reminisce, and perhaps work on my journaling and/or caption skills a bit. Hmmm....maybe I need a button to go with this. (Type-A blogger, ya know!)

This was taken when we first arrived at our new home, the one in which we live now. The front door was wooden with a wide split in it from the sun shining on it every afternoon. It was also a weird shade of blue.

The photo captures their personalities so well. Son#1 with his buttoned-to-the-top favorite green shirt. He's still that precise, and would wear that shirt if it fit! Son#2 and his 'hang loose' attitude. He remains fairly easy-going today, and tie-dye shirts can be found in his closet. Can you tell LittleGirl is shouting, "Cheese!" ? She was a non-stop chatterbox then; and even now, rarely draws breath for all she needs to tell us each day.

The boys were full of exuberant exploring energy (still are) and LittleGirl would let me put her hair in pigtails with fancy ribbons. I love their bright eyes, deep red lips, and beautiful smiles. Fun exhausting times chasing those three around. Loved it then, and love it now. ☺

Do you like to pull out old photos and remember
 Way Back When?

Happy Wednesday!

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