Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Journal Cover Tutorial...Anyone, Anyone?

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I want to sew a journal cover, and started sewing one yesterday. I botched it up. Maybe I just need some quiet time to sort it all out; however, what I really need is a good photo tutorial so I can wrap my head around how to attach those flaps.

Can you direct me to a Journal (Book) Cover Tutorial? Anyone? Anyone?

In the meantime, the silver lining to my journal cover debacle is that I was able to play some more with my Walking Foot. I seriously LOVE that sewing attachment!

In other sewing news, I made this set for a bloggy friend. I'll tell you more about why I stitched it later. For now, here's a photo sneak-peek.

A front & back shot of the Mug Rug set.
The coordinating Coffee Cozy set is reversible. ☺

Just to give you an idea about the size. ☺

Do you usually try to figure out new projects yourself,
or do prefer a tutorial to help you visualize the outcome?

Happy Tuesday!

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