Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Ups and the Downs

The Ups

A sweet little family celebration...just the way I wanted. ☺

You can't tell this photo is staged, can you?

The Downs

While in the midst of celebrating last evening, Bubbles, our beloved bettafish
went for a final swim around her bowl.
No - this is not a photo of a dead fish.
I took this earlier in the day, when Bubbles appeared to be sick.
We had no idea she was THAT sick!

And to finish on an "Up" note...

Randy Runs Some Numbers

To see all of Randy's Antics, visit my Pinterest page: Randy the Elf

I'm off to Pamela's Ornament Party today, and then a quick visit with my sisters and parents. Hope your day is wonderful!

Do you ever had a big Up and big Down all in one day?

Happy Saturday!

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