Monday, December 12, 2011

The Ornament Party!

The day of the Ornament Party finally arrived! Pamela knocked herself out decorating and preparing her home for all of us to enjoy. She had three Christmas trees decorated in different themes. All the ladies brought their best brunch dishes. There were cheesy hash browns, sausage & egg casseroles, cinnamon breads, quiches, and fruit trays. Forget counting points or calories at events like these! Just resolve to walk an extra mile.

Remember the sneak peek I gave you a couple of weeks ago? Here are my ornaments...I'll have a Christmas Quickie tutorial later this week...if ya want. ☺

I didn't want to arrive with them in just a paper sack, so I borrowed a container from LittleGirl's room. It came in handy, as I was able to fill it with the ornaments from the exchange.

You know that little red thread stuck on the green ornament is driving me nuts!
I want to reach through the screen and grab it. Type-A...sigh.

I have to show you my thrifty outfit for the party! When I was visiting my sisters a while back, we stopped at one of our favorite places, The Church Charity Shop. I was most fortunate to find this darling cardigan. New with tags...lambs wool with a beautiful angora collar...totally lush sweater...$2. Yep, you read that right...two dollars! I love this sweater! It completes my outfit, and is perfect for South Carolina weather. It's warm and cozy, and adds just the right touch.

Thrifty Outfit:  Lamb's Wool Sweater - $2
Dress - Shopped from closet - FREE
Boots - Thrifty find from last season - $6

Not only did I enjoy the seeing friends from past Ornament Parties, I also met some new friends...and bloggers! Karen is a cross-stitcher extraordinaire. She creates some lovely projects. Karen is a designer as well; and shares/sells her designs on her blog, Sunshine Stitches. Hop over and leave her some comment love. I ♥ making new bloggy friends!

Here's a snap of Pamela and me. Pamela's blog is One Slow Stitcher. She shows us her beautiful cross stitching projects. She's got so many projects going! I wish I had her talent. Stop by and see her too, please.

Pamela, the sweet hostess of the fabulous
Ornament Party.

You want to see the ornaments, right? I took so many snaps, I thought it would be easiest to view in a slide show. So, here ya go! Click on the link to view the photos.

Randy Leaves a Note

To see all of Randy's Antics, visit his Pinterest page: Randy the Elf

Are you making ornaments this Christmas?
Do you attend any Christmas parties?

Happy Monday!

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