Saturday, December 3, 2011

Little of This, Little of That

Want to see what I worked on yesterday? While several diligent Moms were busy unwrapping goods and setting up displays for the Gingerbread Shop at LittleGirl's school, I worked on decorating the door. I had grand plans, wanting to create the look of a gingerbread house. Alas, there is a school stipulation regarding the use of tape on walls with murals. This particular entryway has a mural around the door, so I could not make a house. I had to settle for just decorating the door. Phooey...rule are just no fun sometimes.

The ginger people were already made. I covered the door in brown paper, and made the 'lace' from coffee filters. I pressed them flat with an iron, folded in half 4 times, made two snips, unfolded, cut in half, and taped into place. The school has a workroom with die-cuts. Scrapbookers, you would think you were in die-cut heaven. The die-cuts are shelved in their own little compartments, all along three walls with the shelves about 4 feet tall. Hundreds of choices, I tell you!

The candy was made from an oval die-cut. I hand-cut the red 'swirls' and used coffee filters for the ends of the 'wrapper'. The whole thing took longer than I expected. It doesn't look like a 3-hour job, does it? Sigh. Scrapbooking & Door Decor is not my thing.

Randy the Elf

 Randy, our Elf on the Shelf,  got into some mischief last night. We found him in an unexpected place...

Huge Giveaway Event!

Noticed this button in my sidebar the last few weeks? If you haven't clicked on it before now, please click this weekend! You'll want to check on all the fabulous giveaways. There are 27 blogs participating (and I'm one of them!). Stop by on Monday to find out how I'm spreading some Christmas cheer and love to all my bloggy friends.

What are your plans for today?

Happy Saturday!

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