Friday, December 23, 2011

Holy Frijoles! It's Friday, isn't it?!?

That was my initial thought this morning. I'm making progress, but still sewing. I've only one photo finish, as I didn't want to stop yesterday. This is just a little Sercy for my niece.

Headbands with Burnt-Edge Flower embellishments

What's a 'Sercy' you ask? As far as I know, 'Sercy' (also spelled 'Circi' or 'Sirsee') is a strictly Southern term for gift. It's usually something small and inexpensive, and a way to tell the recipient that you are thinking of them. Sometimes a Sercy is given to say, 'Thank you!' for a kindness, such as helping someone move, doing yard work, picking up the mail while out of town, etc.

My family is not really exchanging presents this year. We had Family Portraits made instead, though I just couldn't let Christmas pass without celebrating the day with my young niece and nephews. The Sercy tradition allows me to give a gift without feeling as if I'm breaking the 'rules' of gift-exchange this year. I love the South! ☺

Randy Tries to be Angelic

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Have you heard of a Sercy?
Do you give Sercy gifts?

Happy Friday!

PS...I recently used the expression "Holy Frijoles!" when I saw the sales price of something I wanted in a dress shop. I was excited at the huge price break. The woman beside me gave me the nastiest look. I think she thought I was dropping a cuss word in Spanish. ☺ You do know Frijoles is translated 'beans', right? Of course you do!

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