Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Quickies - 18" Doll PJ Set & Nightgown Patterns

Finally! Here are the patterns for the 18" Doll PJ Set and Nightgown. While the patterns are fairly basic, you should have some sewing knowledge to complete, as the instructions are minimal. ☺ If you have some scraps and 20-30 minutes to sew, you'll be able to whip up some doll clothes.

The Top / Nightgown is designed for quick cutting and sewing. There are only two seams to sew...the side seams. You will fold your fabric into fourths (as you would for a circle skirt) and place the pattern on the folds. The side fold will become the center front and back. The top folds (two) will become the sleeves. Once cut, you'll have one large piece that only needs the sides stitched to connect the front to the back.

The PJ Pants will only take a few minutes to complete. If you have a serger, it will be even faster. Just remember to finish your hem edges before you sew the pants legs. If not, you'll be crying as you try to top stitch that tiny opening, as it won't fit around your machine's free arm. ☺

Email or leave a comment if you have any questions. Happy Sewing!


In case you're having printer issues with the scribd documents...use these PDF links:

The length of the fold lines for the shirt is 6.5 inches. (Extend an additional 10 inches for the nightgown) The width from fold line to sleeve is 9 inches.

The length of the fold for the PJ pants is 11 inches, though 10.5 would be enough. I like to make deeper hems and/or 'cuffs' on the PJ pants. The width of the pants leg is 4.5 inches.

Doll Top and Nightgown Doll PJ Pants

Randy Reminisces

To see all of Randy's Antics, visit his Pinterest page: Randy the Elf

We did make Randy his cookies yesterday; however, this bad blogger forgot to take photos before they were gobbled up. I did manage to snap a pic of the Peppermint Bark we also made. This is a super-easy Christmas treat for kids to make. Just two ingredients...Almond Bark & Peppermint Candies. Yum!

What are your favorite Quickie Christmas gifts to make?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. This download requires a paid membership? Please advise. Thanks!

    1. Hi, DLM! I've uploaded the PDF files to google docs, and updated the post. Grab the links (above) & you'll have access to the patterns. Enjoy!

  2. Love your patterns, cute, easy and takes so little time. Thank you for your gifts. I am from a little town east of Wichita, KS and will be visiting our son & family in upper SC, Lake Wylie. Funny how people connect.
    Thanks again for free patterns.

    1. Thanks so much for you kind words, Sandee! I grew up in Derby, KS. I don't get back to visit very often, but am hoping to take my children one day soon. Lake Wylie is beautiful. What a lovely place for you son & family to live. I don't know how long you are staying; however, if you want to meet up in Gastonia, NC (about 30 min from Lake Wylie), there is a fabulous fabric store to shop. It's called Mary Jo's....40,000 square feet of fabric & trims! :) Please email me at seamsinspired @ charter dot net, if you are interested.


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