Thursday, December 15, 2011

Au Courant - PJ Party!

LittleGirl has a fabulous 3rd grade teacher who uses a positive rewards system to maintain discipline in the classroom. The class has earned enough 'points' for a PJ party. Of course this meant LittleGirl needed a new PJ set...NEEDED, I tell ya! Apparently, she told all her little friends that she would have new Pyjamas for the party. Her Momma would be sewing for her "Custom Original One-of-a-Kind" Pyjamas. How could I not oblige? ☺

We went shopping for some fleece (on sale at HobbyLobby...score!) this week, and I got to work making the Pyjama Pants. The top is one LittleGirl had in her closet. I cut out one of the fleecy hearts and appliqued it (not really...just stitched around it...but applique sounds so much more technical, doesn't it?) The final project has been deemed a success. LittleGirl loves it! ☺

Why yes, those PJ pant legs are cuffed! To make these last a bit longer, I added some length to the legs. They are 'cuffed' and stitched on a couple of sides to remain that way. When LittleGirl grows, I can take out the stitches. Any trick to make the sewing projects wearable longer!

Completely off topic...

I noticed the warning sign on my coffee pot this morning. I've honestly never looked at it before today. Who writes these things???

What are you crafting today?

Happy Thursday!

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