Saturday, December 17, 2011

Au Courant for Saturday and a Poem

I know I've already shown you an Au Courant post this week; however, I wanted to show you this quick and easy (and last minute!) gift set. This was made for LittleGirl's teacher. It's a Mug Rug and coordinating Coffee Cozy.

We added some homemade Peppermint Bark and a poem to explain the Mug Rug. Not everyone has heard of them around here. Just in case, Mrs. F. didn't open the present while LittleGirl was available to explain, we wanted to ensure she knew what she was getting.  ☺

The first photo is the truest in color. I have no idea what happened in the second photo. I need photography lessons...sigh.

Mug Rug & Coffee Cozy Set - Quick & Easy Gift

The Gift Set - Complete with Peppermint Bark and Poem


You are welcome to use the poem, though I ask you please give the author credit. Thank you!

To cheer your table or your desk
And so you do not make a mess
We hope you find this little rug
A pleasant place to set your mug

Beside it sit a tiny treat
Something salty or something sweet
A drink atop your fun mug rug
In a cozy shall it stay snug

Sipping a drink or taking bite
We hope this makes your day all bright
Appreciated, you are much
Thanks for teaching and lives you touch

 Copyright 2011 Larri aka Seams Inspired

Randy Restrained

What are you crafting today?

Happy Saturday!

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