Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday WOW - Muffins and Mug Rugs

Wednesday's World of Work

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Every morning for the last several days, I've been baking muffins for the family. I love my recipe, because of two things:  (1) It makes A LOT of muffin batter at one time. (2) My Mom used to make the same recipe for us.

I like to serve these muffins with a crumb topping. Gives them a bit of 'gourmet' flair. ☺ I also like to serve them on DH's grandmother's serving platter. Makes our mornings even more special.

See the bottom of this post for the recipe!

I've also been whipping up some more Mug Rugs. I'm kind of addicted. ☺ DH has suggested I sell them. What do you, sweet bloggy friends, think? When you sew as a hobby, it's difficult to decide whether or not someone would purchase your creations. Any advice is appreciated!
LittleGirl's new Mug Rug / Snack Mat for school lunches.

The back of LittleGirl's Mug Rug
A little Gnome Mug Rug for a special friend
The back of the Gnome Mug Rug

Here's the recipe for the Refrigerator Muffins. Oh, and a couple of notes...Use BUTTERMILK! It's a key ingredient. I know 2 Cups of Sugar seems like a lot; however, it's a large batch of muffin mix that makes several dozen muffins...and notice all the bran. It will all balance out. ☺

Refrigerator Muffins
What are you working on today?

Happy Wednesday!

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