Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Is it Wrong...

that I took the few minutes I knew I had yesterday afternoon,
 and decorated the front door for Christmas?

Nah! I didn't think you'd mind. ☺

It felt kinda weird though. The sun was shining and warming us up to almost 75° yesterday. The leaves were swirling and tumbling all over the yard, declaring Autumn is indeed still here. Typically, I don't begin decorating until the day after Thanksgiving; however, the kids are chomping at the bit this year. The boys brought down the outside decorations from the attic, and while awaiting LittleGirl's return from school, I got to work.

I swept the porch, moved the bench, and pulled down the clock/barometer/thermometer...and discovered the BIGGEST BLACK WIDOW spider I've ever seen. She and her babies were cozying up under the clock case. Yikes! This bad blogger was so freaked out, she forgot to snap a photo. Honestly, she was the prettiest widow, with a huge bright reddish-orange hourglass on her belly. Alas, she met her fate ala a drink of the bug juice. It was spider genocide, as her babies were forced to gulp the spray as well.

A wreath hangs where Ms. Widow once made her home. I'll be sure to check the ring of Christmas at the end of the season for any of her friends who sought out the warmth of the fake fir. Just one of the few fun moments of living in the South!

Do you decorate the outside of your home for Christmas?

Do you wait until closer to December 25th?

Happy Wednesday!

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