Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Good News, Bad News, Better News


My eyeball is fine. ☺ The nevus is the same size as it was last year. Thanks for your lovely thoughts and prayers. They helped. Apparently, the big sunglasses I wear are helping too. Even if you don't have a nevus, you should be wearing sunglasses to keep your peepers safe. So here's my enabler alert...go channel your inner-celebrity and buy some big (with UVA and UVB protection) sunglasses today! Don't know what shape to buy? Check out this guide:  Sunglasses Buying Guide. I'm not an affiliate. I just liked this guide, it's photos, and information.


I didn't win the iPad2 over at Jana's A Doctor and a Nurse. Congratulations to #80 commenter, Darryl. You're gonna love that iPad2! Even if you didn't win, stop over and leave a comment. Be sure to check out Jana's posts. You're gonna learn something! And be sure to read to the end of the winner's announcement post. There's some interesting questions to answer. If you don't follow A Doctor and a Nurse, you really should.


November and part of December is going to be chocked full of tutorials as the HoSI prepares for Christmas. I'm looking for guest bloggers if you'd like to share a tutorial of your Christmas crafts. It doesn't have to be sewing. It can be any type of craft that celebrates Christmas. Plan to see oodles of ornament tutorials from me, as I want to change out the look of my Christmas tree this year...on a very tight budget. Email me if you're interested in a guest post:  seamsinspired at charter dot net.

What's your good/bad/better news for today?

Happy Tuesday!

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