Friday, November 4, 2011

Favourite Things Friday

Time to play along with Mrs. P at Quilting in My Pyjamas!
Stop by and visit all the sweet bloggers who reveal their Favourites for this Friday.

My favourite this Friday isn't tangible. It's the euphoric feeling brought on by happiness. I LOVE to FEEL happy! Do you ever just stop and think about happiness and how it makes you feel? I seem to breathe a bit easier when I'm happy. The world seems brighter and more cheerful, and my surroundings become more pleasant.

Yes, the feeling of happiness is definitely a favourite of mine. ☺ This morning, I was a bit bleak and bleary...until I opened my email. With exciting news from a bloggy friend, that feeling of happiness changed my Friday into a most joyous one.

Y'all...I won a giveaway! I won a Forever Gold Series Vacuum from Oreck and my sweet bloggy friend, Rebecca, at Mom's Mustard Seeds. Have you been to Rebecca's blog? Please go give her a visit and follow! You'll be so glad to call her bloggy friend. I met her IRL in Atlanta this summer. She's the real-deal when it comes to sweetness and sincerity. We had an instant friend connection, and seriously, I just love her. Rebecca is fabulous! ☺

Mustard SeedsThis is a definite God-send, because our little vacuum has been on its last legs, um...suck, for quite some time. We've looked at purchasing a new one, and honestly, just didn't have the chunk of cash for a decent vacuum. I wasn't even going to enter Rebecca's giveaway, because we have hardwood floors throughout our home. I didn't think I could use that vacuum. When I found out I could, I entered. With 363 comments entered, I honestly didn't think I would win...but I DID!!!!

So, I'm giggling and giddy this Friday...and loving that feeling of happiness. Bring on the Happy! ☺

What's your favourite this Friday?

Have you ever won a blog giveaway?

Happy Friday!

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