Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Quickie - Ornaments/Gift Tags Tutorial

I do my best to prepare for the Christmas season, though it never fails...something unexpected pops up. Thus, the Christmas Quickies was born. Over the next few weeks, I'll share some very quick sewing projects. Most will take no longer than 15 minutes from start to finish, and you'll be able to use up some scraps or stash fabrics in the process. This first Quickie is a two-fer. It can be an Ornament or a Gift Tag...or both! ☺

Image Heavy - Please be patient while photos load

And please note:  This is my quick-and-dirty version.
I was inspired at 6am, started cutting a prototype at 6:05,
snapping photos along the way.
I'm usually a MUCH neater seamstress. ☺

The Supplies

Fabric Scraps - 4 should be at least 3¼" (8.25cm) square, 1 should be at least 6" (15.25cm) square
Embroidery Floss or Yarn - about 7" (17.75 cm) long
Sewing Basics - Thread, Scissors, Machine, Ruler, etc.

The Plan

Make a triangle template (or wing it by measuring each one like I did). Here are the measurements for the triangles. These are not to scale. Don't print the image and use as a template. You'll be crying and possibly swearing if you do.

Cut out your fabrics and place them in a pleasing-to-your-eye order

The Sewing
We're going to start sewing the triangles together at the bottom row, left side. Why? Cause that's what made sense to me as I stitched. ☺ With RST, take the bottom left triangle and match its right side with the middle triangle right side. Huh? Here's how it will look:

Using a ¼" seam allowance, stitch together. Open and finger press. Stitch bottom right triangle to middle triangle left side. Open and press seams to center triangle. When you've finished, you should have this:

If you made a template, you'll have a nice and neat bottom row stitched together. If you were winging it, like me, you'll need to square things up a bit. Once you've neatened your row, place your top row triangle atop your bottom row RST and stitch.

Press seams down, toward center bottom row triangle. Grab your embroidery floss or yarn (or ribbon - whatever you want to use as a 'hanger') and fold it in half. Make a knot and place atop the right side of your tree front.

With RST stitch together tree front to tree back. Be sure to leave an opening (about 1½" will do) so you can turn right sides out.

If you want, clip the corners before you turn. Stitch the opening closed with a couple of whip-stitches. If you prefer, add a little poly-fill to make a puffy ornament.
Your Christmas Quickie Tree Ornament / Gift Tag is complete!
If you have a few extra minutes, you could:
  • Embroider an initial or name on the back
  • Add beads as mini ornaments or garland
  • Use a sharpie and write "To" and "From" to personalize the back
  • Embroider the year on the back as a keepsake ornament
  • Topstitch around the edges with a decorative stitch
  • Quilt it
What are you making this Christmas?
What kind of tutorials would you like to see?

Happy Tuesday!

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