Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday WOW & the Tutorial that Wasn't

What kind of blogger takes step-by-step photos of their fabulous project and forgets to snap the 'after' shot? Umm, that would be this blogger. I was creating my post of the upcycled granny sweater tutorial, and have written and uploaded everything except for the last few words. It was then I realized that I don't have a photo of the finished product. Honestly, bloggy friends, I'm worried about my organizational skills and thought processes this week. They seem to have scattered liked the acorns strewn across my yard. This afternoon LittleGirl and I will have a session with the camera and the Tutorial that Wasn't will soon be the Tutorial that Is.

On to the WOW...

I'm playing with Petra at This Good Steward,
and all her friends to share some
WOW - Wednesday's World of Work.
Come join the fun and see what work everyone has done!

Besides the usual household chores, we've had some fun work to do at the house of Seams Inspired. We had one of our favorite Aunts stop by for a visit and bit of kitchen crafty creativity. JuJu came to town and brought not only her sweet self, but all the trappings to whip up some fall treats. She loves to surprise the kids and work on projects with them. We love Aunt JuJu!

LittleGirl and JuJu getting ready to create some goodies.

Witches' hats from Fudge Stripe Cookies & Hershey Kisses...yum!

We also had a surprise visitor from our nephew, NavyBoy. He's on leave for two weeks. We were thrilled to see him. He worked on his blow-dart skills while visiting us.

NavyBoy taking aim with the blow gun while
Son#1 and TheSkater look on.
When not enjoying the unexpected company, I managed to work on my quilting skills. I've got to master machine quilting so I can finish Flurry! I whipped up a mug rug.

Mug Rug front with wonky binding

Fabric is designed by Heather Ross
I won this fabric, and am not sure of the names of the Fat Quarters
Mug Rug back

Now, all you quilters toss a few words of advice my way, pretty please. Why are my stitches flat on the front and pulling on the back? The stitches are pulling when I make the turns, and have an even tension at other places. And how can I fix this?

Fabric is designed by Heather Ross
I won this fabric, and am not sure of the name.

Overall, it's been a great week. Having visitors just makes the days brighter and happier. My Mug Rug and machine quilting isn't fabulous, but it's a good start to learning a new skill. While I won't be giving this Mug Rug away, it serves its purpose quite well.

What are you working on this week?

Happy Wednesday!

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