Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Facts

Monday Facts
 is a weekly blog party
 to help you meet other bloggers.
 Tell us about your weekend,
 or give us some random facts.

FACT - We had a restful weekend at HoSI (House of Seams Inspired).

FACT - The boys caught the cold virus.

FACT - Thankfully, DH and LittleGirl remain healthy.

FACT - I found THE BEST Crockpot Beef Stew recipe at Allrecipes.

FACT - We'll be eating the leftovers today.

FACT - Yiayia gave us some placemats that didn't work on her round table.

FACT  - They didn't work on our oval table either.

FACT - So I turned some of them into a table runner.

FACT - The pretty flowers were delivered by my sweet friend, LA.

FACT - I smiled when I saw them on the table this morning. ☺

Thanks for the flowers, LA!
They've made the house cheery. ☺
FACT - Hope your Monday is marvelous!

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Happy Monday!

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