Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Facts - Oversleeping and a Nevus

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FACT - It is 6:27am EST, and I overslept by an hour...YIKES!

FACT - It's difficult to get out of a warm bed and have your toes greeted by a cold floor.

FACT - I have an optometry appointment this morning.

FACT - It's time for the annual measurement of my nevus.

FACT - A nevus is akin to a mole, and mine is located in an unusual spot that needs monitoring.

FACT - My nevus sits right atop my optic nerve, and looks something like this...

Image from

FACT - I have it measured each year to check for growth.

FACT - Since my eyes will be dilated, I may not make the FACTS rounds until late this evening.

FACT - Hope your Monday is marvelous!

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Happy Monday!

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