Thursday, October 20, 2011

Granny Sweater Upcycled to Ruffled Shrug/Bolero

So, you have a wedding to attend that you've known about for a few weeks (longer if you count the cute 'Save the Date' magnet that's been hanging on your fridge for at least 3 months). Of course, if you live in HoSI (House of Seams Inspired), you don't really begin thinking about what to wear until the day of the event. Thankfully, everyone has something to wear...except...LittleGirl's shoulders are a bit too bare for Daddy's liking.

What's a Momma to do? Figure it out and raid the closets!

It just so happened that I had this Granny sweater in the back of my closet. It's truly a Granny sweater, well, YiaYia sweater. Totally not my style, but I kept it; thinking I might turn it into a pillow. I'm so glad I didn't!

After sizing it up, I decided to give it the ol' Whack-and-Hack treatment. Just to give you some perspective, YiaYia's sweater is a size 8 Womens. LittleGirl is a size 8/10 Girls. The sweater's shoulders hung off LittleGirl about 2 inches.   

Deciding on a bolero/shrug look, I grabbed my measuring tape and shears. Here's what I did:

I marked  9" down from the center front opening.

I marked 12" down from the back neck.

I made a gentle curve swooping the front to meet the back; and using my serger, finished the edges.
A zig-zag stitch would also prevent the knit from raveling.

The sleeves were marked at 4" from the top shoulder, and 1.5" from the underarm.
These were also finished with the serger, giving a gentle pull as I serged to create a ruffled edge.

While this looked 'okay,' I felt I could add a little more to it.
Afterall, we still had a couple of hours before the wedding!
Checking the sweater scraps, I grabbed the ribbing.

It was too wide on it's own, so I gave it a trim.

I attached the ribbing to the sweater edge, again, using my serger. I ♥ Hans!

 I finished the ribbing edge using the rolled-hem feature on my serger.

The ruffle kept flipping up, so I pulled out Aurora and top-stitched the ruffle.

Granny Sweater No More!
LittleGirl says she plans to wear this A LOT. ☺

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