Sunday, September 11, 2011


Job 8:21
He will yet fill your mouth with laughter
and your lips with shouts of joy.

I saw this verse a couple of years ago when I was looking for something inspiring to share with my choir buddies. In the last few days, these words have been tumbling around in my head. As I watch the coverage, read the blogs, and even step outside to chat with neighbors, our hearts and thoughts seem to be connected with the fateful day of ten years ago.

What I've had to come to terms with, is God could have prevented the attack. Plain and simple. He could have changed the course of events. He didn't. I don't understand why He didn't. I can only cling to the hope of knowing His plan is greater than anything I could possibly fathom. His plan doesn't have to make sense to me.


With all the sadness that seems to surround me, I hold this verse near. Do you know what 'yet' means?

After a While
At Some Future Time
Beyond This

and my favorite...that sees me through as I remember the tragedy that shook me to the very core...

In Spite Of

He will spite of all that has happened...
 fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.


If you're looking to find reason in the events that occurred, and simply cannot; hold on to His word. Find comfort and peace in them. (((HUGS))) and prayers to all my bloggy friends and new visitors today.

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