Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday WoW

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I've accomplished very little in the Crafting Department this week. You can read about my one crafty idea involving an owl and cork here:  Winking Owl. If you'd like to see many of my crafty endeavours from the last couple of years, follow this link:  FTF and Sewing.

This week I've been working on remembering to take my supplements. Doesn't seem like such a difficult task, until you look at all of them at once. It's official. I'm becoming my grandmother.

Let's decode, shall we?

  • The rust tablet is my multi-vitamin with a day every day.

  • The big white tablets are my Calcium supplements...two each day so my bones don't snap.

  • The golden gel-like tablets are Fish Oil...three a day of these horse-sized pills for loosening joints, revving up brain cells, and silky hair. These have a lovely side-effect. If I burp, it tastes like fish...whether or not I've eaten any.

  • The yellow tablets are ibuprofen...two in the AM, two in the PM to de-flame my inflamed thyroid. I'll stop these in another week, check back with the ENT and hopefully get the 'all-clear.'  How does one even get an inflamed thyroid? I've yet to figure that one out!

So there you have it. It's work to remember to take all these every day. I refuse to own one of those daily pill containers. I'm a visual person. If I don't see them, I won't eat them. ☺ Supplements are controversial, I know.  I'm on the side of  "if it helps, I might as well."

And my thyroid is thanking me. No more throat clearing, and no worries it's something weird like a goiter. Google that if you've never seen one. Gotta run. Time to take a tablet.

What are you working on today?

Happy Wednesday!

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