Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday WoW!

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The cooler weather has motivated Seams Inspired to work on some neglected yard projects. Yesterday, Son#2 and I grabbed our rakes and pitchforks and cleaned up the brush pile in the South 40. In about an hour's time we loaded down the trailer.

After looking at paint chips and using Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer, I'm still working on the color scheme for the kitchen cabinets. Though I'm leaning towards Natural Earth, for the cabinets; the walls will need a new color.  Currently, they look like this...

And they seem perfectly fine, don't they? Well, a closer look will show you where tiny fingers have opened and closed these doors a gazillion times the last six years we've lived here.

It's one of those Mommy Mysteries. How in the world do they do this??? ☺ Sigh. When school is completed today, we'll head to the paint store and purchase some samples to slap on the cabinets and walls. We'll live with it for a couple of weeks days, and make a decision. Any suggestions? I open to color scheme inspiration!

What are you working on in your world?

Happy Wednesday!

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