Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Trying Out Ideas

Housekeeping:  My computer time has been severely limited to mornings-only these last few days.
 I'm woefully behind on responding to comments, leaving comments,
 and even hopping my own BlogHop.
Thank you for your sweet words and patience.
I love all the commentary, and I'll get around there to y'all very soon...pinky promise.
Right now, Transitive & Intransitive Verbs, Predicate Nominatives,
 and Algebra's Absolute Value are higher on the ToDo list than blogging. ☺
Trying Out Ideas
Do you ever look at something and think, "Hmmm...I wonder how this would work if I...?"
I've seen these liquid soap dispensers made from wine bottles for years. In fact, I had one that had been hand-painted. Alas, the paint faded/chipped/flaked, and I got rid of it. As I was shopping a couple of weeks ago, I ran across a bottle of wine that had a cute label. It was a cheap-o wine...$3 or so; and I figured I'd use it for cooking.  Sidenote...it's actually pretty good wine. I was surprised.
When I opened the bottle, the cork was just as darling as the cute owl on the label. I HAD to do SOMETHING with it. I couldn't just throw it away. Here's where memories of the past met with my present needs. It's not a new idea, just a tweek on an old one.

I used DH's Drill Press to create an opening in the cork. Most wine bottle soap dispensers use a spout apparatus. I really wanted to use the cute cork, so after talking it over with DH, he pilfered around in his garage and found a piece of stainless steel tubing. I know. Why do we have stainless steel tubing? How in the world did he find that little piece? His toolbox and work shop holds some fascinating items!

Pushing the steel tubing into the cork opening made my little dispenser work! Now my soap can sit on the counter in style. I smile every time I see that little owl winking at me as I do the dishes. I love it when an idea works. ☺

What idea are you putting into action today?

Happy Tuesday!

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