Friday, September 30, 2011

On the Mend and a LittleGirl Funny

Thank you, sweet bloggy friends, for all the well wishes. I feel tremendously better today. Though the fever is gone, the cough lingers. I'm hacking so much, I must use spellcheck twice as often. Haha! I actually got dressed, fixed my hair, and put on my face. That alone made me feel good and 'normal.' ☺ But it was your lovely comments that made me feel the best. I ♥ my friends.

DH and LittleGirl celebrating his birthday

DH had a doctor's appointment late this afternoon. Since we would not be gone long, I left Son#1 in charge with strict orders for no one to call unless someone was bleeding. You know how it is at the doctor's office. No cell phones allowed. Besides, why would you want to share your business with an entire waiting room?

The wait was longer than anticipated, and of course, my phone rings, well, vibrates. I answer with, "Are you bleeding?"

In her precocious LittleGirl voice, I hear the reply, all in one fast breath...

"Yes, Momma, I'm bleeding.
 I picked my scab... well, tore it off just a little, so it would bleed and then I could call you.
Momma, can you stop by the store and bring home some chocolate for me? 
Cause I didn't get nothing really sweet today.
 Momma? Can you do that?
 And one more thing, can you bring some kitchen string?
 I wanna do an experiment."

She's resourceful, that girl of mine. ☺ Notice how she got through the explanation without waiting a beat before hitting me with her real reason for calling? It was difficult to hold in the cackle. I love my kids! They make me laugh. Every.Single.Day.

Happy Friday!

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