Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Facts

Monday Facts
 is a weekly blog party
 to help you meet other bloggers.
 Tell us about your weekend,
 or give us some random facts.

FACT - I baked a cake yesterday morning.
FACT - It turned out beautifully.
FACT - Until I picked up the second layer.

FACT - Fluffy White Frosting covers a multitude of cake sins.

FACT - Most of our photos didn't turn out, and the video camera was used by the children.
FACT  - I felt a little motion sickness after viewing the video.
FACT - There were 25 members of our family that came to celebrate.
FACT - This guy has a birthday this week that is double the number of our guests who attended.

DH turns 50 this week!!!

FACT - Hope your Monday is marvelous!

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Happy Monday!

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