Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Facts

Monday Facts
 is a weekly blog party
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FACTWe had the most delicious cool weather this weekend.

FACTIt was wonderful to pull out my long-sleeved shirts.

FACT - I celebrated the Autumn-like air with some new tights to go along with my denim skirt.

FACT - If you'd told me 2 years ago I'd be showing snaps of my gams online, I wouldn't have believed you. ☺

FACT - When I opened the newspaper yesterday morning, I was delighted to find this...

FACT - I'd like to think my email to the corporation helped bring fabric back. *giggle*

FACT - I spent Saturday with my sisters, and have some thrifty finds to show you later this week.

FACT - You 'furniture' bloggers would have been in HEAVEN.

FACT - One thrift store had all furniture marked 'Buy One, Get One' with prices starting at $10.

FACT - Hope your Monday is marvelous!

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Happy Monday!

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