Thursday, September 22, 2011

Greek Recipes

I'm crafting some Greek food today! We're having a little family gathering on Sunday; and love Greek recipes because I can prepare many of them early. The boys and I will fix some today, and pop them into the freezer until Sunday. Easy-peasy. That's the way I like to entertain!

The Menu

◘ Greek Chicken ◘

◘ Spanikopita ◘

◘ Tiropetes ◘

◘  Greek Spaghetti ◘

◘ Greek Salad ◘

We'll work on the Spanikopita and Tiropetes today. Here is the recipe and technique for the Tiropetes. The Spanikopita is relatively the same with the addition of spinach and onion. C'mon! I know you want to try it. It's a fabulous appetizer to serve your friends. What I love is that I can keep them in the freezer, and at a moment's notice, I can pull some out and have them ready to serve in 20 minutes. (The Tiropetes, not my friends ☺

What's your favorite Go-To Recipe for Entertaining?

Happy Thursday!

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