Saturday, September 3, 2011

Blogger Commenting Issues

Have y'all had issues with Blogger and trying to leave comments? It's been sketchy for me. Some blogs I can leave comments with no problems. Other blogs I cannot. It won't even recognize my Google Account. Well, I decided to do some sleuthing, and here's what I found.

This applies to me, because I have IE (Explorer) 9 downloaded on the laptop. I have IE 8 on the mainframe computer, and it is not affected.

According to the Blogger Help Forum...

Your Blogs URL: doesn't matter, all blogs using "Embedded below post"
comment system are affected.

Browser(s) used: Internet Explorer 9, Opera 11.01, Chrome, Firefox.
Issue does only occur using Internet Explorer 9.

Replicate: open up a blog with an inline comment box and try to comment using IE9. It won't work. Press F12 and change agent to compatibility mode, IE8 or IE7 and it will work.

Solution: change comment system to "Pop-up" or "Full page" in Settings
 --> Comments or change agent.

Follow these steps to change your comment settings:

  1. Open Blogger in Draft (Sign In) 
  2. Select 'Comments' from the menu (it will be in a drop-down format or on your left sidebar)
  3. "Comment Form Placement" lets you change the form style from Embedded, to "Full page" or "Popup".

If you want to play around with your Blogger templates, my favorite source is The Original Blogger Tips and Tricks. Happy Blogging!

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