Thursday, September 15, 2011

Au Courant Crafting Inspiration

In an effort to actually CREATE instead of 
simply reading and being inspired,
Thursday's posts are all about my latest crafting efforts.

Crafting has been at an all-time low around the house of Seams Inspired. Other than a passing glance and to use the ironing board to actually press wrinkles out of clothes, I haven't stepped foot into the sewing room...sigh.

Kate from Life in Pieces has finished her Flurry Backing, which is so inspiring. She such a math-whiz, and graciously offered up her mad skills to work out the design requirements for me. Thank you, Kate! Isn't the backing Kate created gorgeous? I have high hopes to get in the sewing room this weekend and complete mine.

Kate's Flurry Backing
How darling is that big gift?

I'm also inspired by Simple Simon & Company's Muslin Ruffled Scarf. I love the simplicity of it, as well as the fabulous tutorial in photos. It's chic boutique, and a must-have for my Autumn Wardrobe. I see this sewing project coming to fruition in the near future. I'm envisioning it in several colors, too.

♥ this Muslin Ruffle Scarf
by Simple Simon & Co.

I need your help, bloggy friends. My sweet niece has made me a Great Aunt again! We're super-excited to welcome our newest baby girl into our clan. What should I make for her? I need Quick - Easy - Useful-to-Mom - Pretty gift ideas. Got any you want to share?

What's inspiring you to today?
Are you crafting?

Happy Thursday!

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