Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wigging Out

Why is it that we always want what we don't have?

LittleGirl has been begging for a wig for weeks on end. I finally relented, and yesterday, we went shopping for one. Fortunately for us, there is a costume factory about a mile from where we live. They have an outlet open year-round. The wigs are fashioned and sized for children...and about $10. Yay!

She had the best time trying on elaborate wigs, purple ones, black ones, red ones, long ones, short ones, and even one with the hair piled atop in a bun. She finally settled on this blonde (I'm being generous...it's YELLOW) wig with long ringlets. She wore it all afternoon, along with her favorite dress-up outfit. She preened in front of her full-length mirror, joyously twirling and bouncing her new curls. "Momma," she says, "Thank you for my wig. I always wanted long, curly hair."

Me? I always wanted hair in a deep, rich chestnut shade. Long and luscious locks that curled and framed my face. Think Jaclyn Smith in her Charlie's Angels years. I don't think I ever appreciated my bright red hair until it started to darken over the years, and then it began greying. While I miss my red, I'm truly enjoying the process and change. The grey is coming in as silver and blonde strands, with a streak at my side-part that could rival a skunk or Kitty Bartholomew.

Know what makes me happier than watching the greys frost my auburn hair? The choppy locks that actually look good when I awake! Seriously, people... all I did was run my fingers through it. Please excuse the no-makeup face, bathrobe, and bad lighting. In an effort to 'keep it real' I've snapped a picture of my bedhead behind closed doors while the house still sleeps. Kind of liberating, actually, to show you the bare face that greets me in my mirror every morning. Please don't count the wrinkles and dark rings around my eyes!

Were (Are) you happy with your hair?
If not, what color and style did you want it to be?

What does your bedhead look like?
I double-dog dare ya to snap and post a pic!

Happy Tuesday!

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