Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday's WOW

Thanks for all your encouragement from yesterday's whiny post.
I truly appreciate all the kind words, though I gotta say...
I was kinda surprised no one said they cope with Chocolate or Skittles. ☺

I'm linking up with Petra, aka This Good Steward, and her Wednesday's World of Work. Come join us!

Today I have a date with Mr. K. He's hard-working and reliable. He chews up whatever's in his path with nary a fear of it getting the best of him. Blades of grass, branches or twigs, bunches of leaves...he loves to run over all of them.

What do I love best about Mr. K? I have lots of time to ponder all of life's interesting issues, and can solve the world's problems when I'm with him. ☺

What are you working on in your world today?

Happy Wednesday!

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