Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Facts

Monday Facts is a weekly blog party to help you meet other bloggers. Tell us about your weekend, or give us some random facts.

FACTLast week was one of the busiest I've ever had as school began.

FACTI'm glad it's over.

FACT - My children are growing too fast!

FACTI'm still catching my breath & catching up reading all the wonderful blog posts you've written.

FACTThis is the view from my desk this AM...

FACT - That's not my phone # posted on my rotary phone...which works! ☺

FACTI had to teach my children how to use the rotary phone.

FACTIt took longer than expected for them to grasp the concept. *grin*

FACTThis is the mess that covered our table through all waking hours yesterday.

FACT - LittleGirl loves to paint and create

FACTWe celebrated Papou's birthday last week.

FACT - I had to PhotoShop this to get everyone smiling.
FACT - Four of the grandchildren are missing from the snapshot.

FACTYiayia and TheaL made his favorite meal: Dolmodes, Greek Spaghetti, & Greek Salad

FACTIt was delicious!
FACT - Hope your Monday is fabulous!

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