Thursday, August 25, 2011

Au Courant Crafting Pillowcase Dress

In an effort to actually CREATE instead of 
simply reading and being inspired,
Thursday's posts are all about my latest crafting efforts.
Well, I finally did it. I jumped on the pillowcase dress bandwagon. What took me so long?!? These are such a quick-and-easy-simple-and-breezy project to create. If you have 15-20 minutes to sew, and want a completed project in that time frame, this is the dress to stitch!
Inspired by Aurie at Welcome to our Good Life, I wanted to stitch up one pillowcase dress as a 'tester' to ensure I understood the concept before committing to a big batch of them. Wow! They truly are easy and quick.
There are tons of tutorials out there. Here are a couple I really liked...
and the original PDF file from Nancy's Notions...
I added french seams to encase the raw edges on the sides of this dress. Instead of the bias-tape binding, I used piping. To secure the raw edges, I serged them. You could use a zig-zag stitch as well. I love the way the piping off-sets the black in the fabric. I prefer it to the wider look of the bias-tape binding. That's what I love about these dresses! You can switch it up and put your own twist on them.
LittleGirl wore hers to school this morning. She opted to wear some shorts underneath, 'cause she's climber on the jungle-gym at school. As she put it, "Momma, I don't want anyone seeing my business up there!" 
Her remark sparked an idea to shorten the dress into a tunic. Wouldn't these be cute with leggings this Fall? Add a long-sleeved top underneath, some ballet flats or boots, and a darling outfit is created! Just had to share this last photo with she is on the front porch, playing before the bus arrived.
I'll definitely be stitching up more of these. Have you made a pillowcase dress? Do you make them for your little ones, or for Dresses for Africa? Know of any other organizations accepting dresses? I'm just full of questions today! I have one last question for you...
What are you crafting today?
Happy Thursday!

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