Saturday, July 30, 2011

Screamin' Mimi and the Whoppers

One evening this past week, LittleGirl was overly-tired from a full day of Summer fun. My usually sunny and bright LittleGirl exchanged places with Miss WhinyPants, and pitched a fit. We refer to a tantrum as a "Screamin' Mimi". I have no idea why we call them this. It's just the name we gave them long ago.

A Screamin' Mimi always has the same results...time away from the family fun, and time alone in your room. Since this Screamin' Mimi occurred in the evening, LittleGirl was sent to her room and to bed for the night. I disrelish ending a day with discord. It makes my Momma heart hurt.

Screamin' Mimi lingered at the back of the house for a good 30 minutes. When things got quiet, I went to check on LittleGirl. Here's what I found taped to the door...

Those are Whoppers (chocolate covered malt balls) in the zip bag. They are a beloved treat of LittleGirl, and the last of her candy stash. What a sweet heart she has...except for the part about not sharing with Daddy. Hilarious!

I pulled the note off the door, and there was also a note on the back...

At first, I wasn't going to wake LittleGirl. Then I remembered this verse from Ephesians...

...Do not let the sun go down on your anger. Ephesians 4:26

How could I not wake her and give her a peaceful night's rest with a clear mind? I walked into LittleGirl's room and gently wrapped her in my arms, awakening her with my Momma kisses. We hugged and murmured "I love you's" and she drifted back to sleep. It was a great way to end our evening, especially knowing that the next morning would be a fresh and happy start.

What do you do when Screamin' Mimi visits your house?

Happy Saturday!

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