Saturday, July 9, 2011

High Tea

LittleGirl and I have had quite the day! We scrubbed and polished our silver tea set, dressed the table in linen, donned our white gloves, and had High Tea. Mrs. Pyjamas, author of Quilting in My Pyjamas, suggested we celebrate the ordinary days using the good China and silver. LittleGirl and I thought this a fabulous idea, and quickly jumped on board.


While Mrs. Pyjamas is having High Tea in Australia, we're having our own Tea Party here in the States. We're hoping there are others in Bloggerville who'll be joining us.  

All the pretties on the table were wedding gifts...almost 18 years ago.
I love using them and thinking of the sweet and generous family
and friends who presented them to us!

With places set in all their shiny finest, LittleGirl and I put on our best party frocks and enjoyed a few moments just looking at our pretty table. We had prepared fresh fruits, and sweet cakes, some cheeses, and breads. No scones for us...'cause we were tired from all that polishing earlier in the day! We're quite sure it isn't typical High Tea fare. It's more of a Southern Style Tea.

See the little patty-pans that hold our delectables? They were in our box of Australian Goodies. We thought it only fitting to use them for our tea party. ☺ They're so bright and cute!

The silver tray was used during our wedding ceremony.
It held our Stefana, the crowns used in a Greek Orthodox Wedding.

All decked out for our High Tea - Southern style!

 LittleGirl and I filled our pretty china cups with tea, sweetened of course. The china is Lenox 'Abigail' that was chosen by DH when we were married. I love the name. ☺

Being the atypical bride, who didn't give a fig about wedding registries, DH chose all our patterns for 'Good' China and 'Everyday' dishes. He did a fabulous job, didn't he? ☺ Our 'Everyday' is equally pretty, and pretty chipped from all its daily use over the years!

DH ate his lunch while we had our High Tea. He even used his best pinky manners! He's using our 'Everyday' plates, Blue Danube. Its pattern was inspired by a Chinese dynasty. The flowers represent good fortune and happines. The pattern was in production over 200 years!

Our afternoon High Tea was so much fun, LittleGirl asked if we could do it again tomorrow, and the day after, and everyday. She thinks her brothers would enjoy it just as much as she did. Wonder if I can sew up bow ties and make Top Hats before tomorrow? ☺

When was the last time you used your fine china?

Happy Saturday!

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