Friday, July 22, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

My favorite this Friday is watching my kids play together.
Their chore of washing the dog turned into a water battle this afternoon.
I love it when my children spend time together,
creating adventures as well as memories.

Building a battle plan against the Waterlord aka Son#1

Taunting the Waterlord -  Keeper of the Spray

On the run trying to miss the Stream of Spew

Son#2 takes a turn as Keeper of the Spray

Yikes! They turned the water on me!

You probably noticed no snaps of Son#1.
Now that he's become a teenager, he doesn't like having his photo taken.
I promised no pics on the blog without his explicit permission. ☺

Stop over at Mrs. Pyjamas and see everyone's Favourite Thing for this Friday.
Have a great weekend!

We've declared Saturday and Sunday
 'Electronic Free' for our family.
There will be no accessing of computers, twitter, blogs,
 video games, or television news.
Thank goodness my sewing machines aren't included!

I'll see you back on Monday.☺

Happy Friday!

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