Thursday, June 2, 2011

Non Au Courant

Alas, I have no Au Courant Crafts for this Thursday. I have managed to stitch a bit on a skirt; however, it's not complete and simply isn't photo-worthy yet.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to take a sledge-hammer to the back walkway. That was fun! Now, my projects can never be extremely easy.

Once the old walk was removed, I needed to dig a little ditch for the rain drain to effectively carry water away from the house. Using a pick-axe and spade, Son#1 and I made the ditch. You can see the pipe in its new place next to the driveway.

We then needed a bit of fill dirt to level out the walkway. Thank goodness I had plenty of helpers waiting with their shovels at the ready!

Umm...that's the dirt wall that's awaiting being finished. I was hoping to become a brick mason's apprentice, but so far, no one's ready to take me on the job. You think it's cause I'm so chatty? :o)

The kids and I created the new walkway with stones, called Egg Rock. I love the new look, though I'm thinking it needs stepping stones. It's easy to walk on, but it needs a little something. What are your thoughts?

The new walk after a rainstorm. It held up great, but I need to pick up
all the little sticks that fell out of our many trees!

So that was a couple of weeks ago. Why no Au Courant Crafting this week? I've been taking advantage of the sunshine and doing this...

Yep, that's me pressure washing the house. I don't think it had ever been 40 years. There was so much dirt that rolled off the bricks! She cleaned up real nice. :o)

The eaves and gutters were washed too. My arms have a good ache to them from holding the pressure washer. It's taken me 8 hours (over two days - Saturday and today) to get all the way around the house. I hope to wash the carport, driveway, and sidewalks tomorrow.

Pressure washing makes you filthy! All the dirt flings off the walls and eaves onto you. I learned very quickly not to blast too low, near the mulch. I had a few face-fulls of dirt. At least the water overspray keeps you cool on a hot day. :o) I scrubbed the front porch today too. Poor he was helping me remove all the furniture off the porch, he reached down and found a wasp's nest and was stung. Thankfully, he's not allergic. His finger is a bit puffy tonight though.

All the cleaning has sparked me to fixin' up the front porch. I hope to shop and find new fabric for chair cushions, and maybe even a couple of pillows. And then, maybe some little planters for flowers...although, I am first to admit I have no green thumb. If DH agrees to tending the plants (it would have to be on a very small scale!), I will add flowers of some sort to brighten up the porch. I haven't  taken snaps of the porch to show you, have I? I'll remedy that soon. Pinky promise.

After I finished for today, I noticed a few dark clouds in the sky. I started to fret. I don't want it to rain and dirty up my clean house! ...There's something entirely wrong with that thinking, right? It's kinda sick to be thinking so skewed!

What spring or summer projects
 do you complete around your home?

Have you been crafting indoors or out this week?

Happy Thursday!

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