Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Facts

FACT - It's the first Monday of June.

FACT - I have nothing very interesting to write about this morning.

FACT - It's grocery day...time to stock up!

FACT - The kids are traumatized because there is no cereal in the house.

FACT - I'm working on a fun tutorial for you.

FACT - It should be ready for Thursday's Au Courant Crafts post.

FACT - I'm formulating a post for my "other" blog.

FACT - It will be finished in a few moments.

FACT - My "other" blog is What I'm Reading Today

FACT - I have a giveaway planned for you.

FACT - I'll reveal it on Wednesday.

FACT - I truly hope you have a fabulous Monday.

FACT - If you're Down Under, I hope your Monday was fabulous.

Would you like to have a
Monday Facts blog / linky party?

Do you have an Errand / Grocery Day?

Happy Monday!

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