Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Facts and a Blog Hop

FACT - This is my 355th post.

FACT - I went to the movies with LittleGirl this weekend and saw Judy Moody.

FACT - The popcorn and drinks cost the same amount as the movie tickets.

FACT - The last movie I saw with just DH and me was Titanic.

FACT - I was 8½ months pregnant with Son#1.

FACT - That was a long movie for a pregnant woman to sit through with no bathroom breaks.

FACT - I'd rather watch movies at home.

FACT - I stitched up some bookmarks this weekend.

FACT - I have a giveaway that ends this Wednesday.

FACT - There's no following...just leave one, two, or three comments.

FACT - I've created a BlogHop / Linky Party for Monday Facts.

FACT - Sign up your post below.

FACT - I hope you have a Marvelous Monday! ☺

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