Wednesday, June 1, 2011

LittleGirl's Awards Day

What a fun morning! We're so proud of LittleGirl.
She earned a certificate for the A-Honor Roll.
LittleGirl had all A's for the entire year! Woo-Hoo!

This sweetie is by far the most social of all my children.
She likes to chat up everyone...just like her Momma! LOL

I love how her school gives the parents an opportunity
for the 'Kodak Moment' by having the kids pose with their certificates.
The morning awards ceremony went rather quickly.
It was nice to see kids dressed up for the occasion...
girls in dresses and skirts, and boys in collared shirts with nice shorts or slacks.
That doesn't happen very often any longer, does it?
The children were notably very well-behaved

Do you have your children dress up
 for certain school occasions?

Do you think we should go back to dressing up more?

Do you believe it would affect the manners
of the students, if they were to dress up their attire?

Happy Wednesday!

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