Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

Whew! Yesterday was a complete scorcher! The kids still have the tent up and wanted to sleep in it last night, but I told them to forget it. It was way too hot! We are a spoiled, spoiled generation.

In the midst of the heat, we were able to obtain a bit of craftiness. LittleGirl and her friend MissE painted some very pretty  terracotta pots. I love watching children paint. They apply color-filled brushes to an object with wild abandon. There's no questioning the 'prettiness' of their design. They glop on the color, knowing it will turn out beautiful. 

The fabulous upside to painting in the middle of a summer day is definitely the short drying time. Though the girls spent hours on their creations, they were able to apply several coats of paint in a small amount of time. Once finished, I added an acrylic spray sealer, a clear coat, to protect their creations. It was almost as if the pots spent time in an oven! They have a hard, baked-on glaze look about them.

SC Palmetto
Swim Little Fish!
My favorite of LittleGirl's
The rim of the pot says...
Love Your Life & Jesus
We're going to plant some flowers in the little pots today. Actually, the girls were such an inspiration, I'm headed to the pottery store for some larger terracotta pots. They've sparked some ideas to spruce up the front porch. LOVE those girls!

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How do you beat the heat?
Do you ever just 'let go' and paint whatever your heart desires?

Happy Wednesday!

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