Saturday, June 4, 2011

Am I Overreacting?

I hate when I second-guess my parenting skills! We had a little incident yesterday that has caused me to wonder if I overreacted to the situation. Without disclosing which of my kids did this, (because I believe it's unfair to present all my kids' faults on my blog!), two of my three children exhibited poor judgement when it came to the disposal of a squirrel.

They were caught red-handed in their squirrel deployment, which resulted in a neighborhood parent scolding. Scared they would be ratted out, they came home and confessed immediately. Honestly, I was completely stunned my kids would even think about doing something like that!  Besides the fact that they picked up a dead animal (Eww! Eww! Eww!), I have no idea why they launched it by it's tail in the direction of someone's yard.

So, what did I do? Well, after a good scolding from me, tears, and "I'm sorry" from them, they were sent to their rooms. They were instructed to write a letter of apology to the neighbors who were the unfortunate recipients of the flying squirrel. And then they were to spend the rest of the afternoon in their rooms and told to "read from the book of James until you understand it!"

They are grounded for the rest of the weekend; and in a few moments will be headed outside to do manual labor. The yard will be weeded and mowed. When finished outside, they'll come inside to sweep floors, fold laundry, and dust every fixture in our home. The point of this exercise is to have a clean house to make them understand that 'idle hands are the devil's tool' ...or however that phrase is stated.

So...In the grand scheme of things, this probably isn't a big deal. I know kids will be mischievous. I know they'll make mistakes. But those are other kids, right? Mine aren't supposed to do gooberhead stuff like this! Do you think my punishment is too harsh? This parenting stuff is hard!

What would you do in this situation?

How do you dole out punishment for your kids' "crimes"?

On the positive house will be clean and I should have time to sew this afternoon!

Happy Saturday!

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