Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Facts

Fact -  I have no Back2Basics post for today.

Fact - Balloons from a local festival flew over our neighborhood this weekend.

Fact - Our air conditioning broke late Sunday night.

Fact - Our air conditioning was fixed Monday morning.

Fact - We have some of the best friends in the world, who came to our AC rescue.

Fact - Two unknown dogs appeared in our yard during the AC debacle.

Fact - They were friendly and thirsty.

Fact - They were wearing collars and tags.

Fact - The owner arrived about an hour after we contacted him.

Fact - The kids were sad to see their new playmates leave.

Fact - Dexter, our Boxer, was jealous and happy to see them depart.

Fact - We flew our flag yesterday at half-staff until noon.

Fact - We stood out in the front yard and listened to 'Taps' at 3pm.

Fact - I got a little teary thinking of all our fallen soldiers.

Fact - We said a prayer for the soldiers and our country.

Fact - We had a little cookout Monday afternoon.

Fact - It was hot outside!

Fact - We cooled down with Root Beer Floats.

Fact - They were delicious!

Fact - It was an action-packed weekend

Fact - I'm glad it's Tuesday!

How was your weekend?
What are your plans for this week?
What would you like to see in Back to Basics next week!

Happy Tuesday!

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