Thursday, May 26, 2011

Still Peaceful

Update from Kristi's daughter, Ashley

Keep the prayers comin'

Please pray your hardest for my mom tonight. I left the hospice home tonight not knowing if I will be able to talk to my mom again. She is excited to see Jesus, and we are all excited for her, but we're also going to miss her. My dad stayed at the Hospice home with her, and I'm at my house with my Aunt Lori. Nathan and Emily are spending the night at our friends. Please pray for peace for my mom, as she will be soon be going to see Jesus.

Remember that little AG Dress I made for an Au Courant Crafting post? The Mom of that family, Kristi, is in her final hours here on earth. Instead of posting a craft today, I'm asking you to pray for the Rogalske family. I've never personally met them, though I know the power of prayer. Sometimes, that's all a bloggy friend can do is pray.

Here is the entry Kristi's husband, Brian, posted on their blog...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011: Still Peaceful

We brought Kristi to the Hospice House this afternoon to rest peacefully and that is what she is doing. She looks so peaceful right now. Sorry to those friends and family that wanted to visit with her but couldn't. She went very quickly. Hard to believe just 3 weeks ago she was attending soccer games, driving the kids to school, laughing, smiling, etc. Just a little more than a week ago we were visiting with friends in the neighborhood street for over an hour. And now we're down to her last hours.

This is a very tough time. Thank you for all of the prayers...what an awesome display of Christian love you all have shown us.

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