Monday, May 23, 2011

Let's Make Some Unmentionables!

I received a comment yesterday from a long-ago post...Austere Unmentionables. I was asked how to draft the lacy boy shorts. There are two methods. Today, I'll give you the easy method. Tomorrow, for Back 2 Basics, I'll give a more-detailed pictorial tutorial. Ummm...yeah...I'm not posting my fanny on the internet for this tutorial; however, I've got an idea that will make this easy for you to learn. :o) Here's the easy way to draft your panties pattern...

Take your favorite lace panties and turn them inside out.

Fold them in half at the seam.

Lay onto a piece of paper, and trace around.

Mark one half-inch above your trace line for the seam allowance...mark only the curved line for the seam allowance.

You should have a small end (crotch), a curve, and a wide end (the part that wraps around your hips).

Write the word "FOLD" on the wide end.

That's it. That's your pattern! I know this might seem a bit confusing without photos. I wrote a tutorial (with terrible new blogger photos) a while back on the Sew What's New! website. It might help with the visualization, so you can view it here:  Fancy Pants aka Stretch Lace Panties.

Stop back tomorrow for a pictorial tutorial for making your own pattern according to your crotch curve. Here's a hint:  One of the tools you'll need...Tinfoil. ;o)

Have you ever made your own underwear?
If not, would you consider giving it a try?

Happy Monday!

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