Friday, May 20, 2011


FACT - LittleGirl wanted a new 'do.

FACT - My scissors work great!

FACT - She looks too grown-up an almost 3rd grader!

FACT - My hard drive on my laptop has failed.

FACT - I need to create System Restore discs.

FACT - I need to remember to purchase DVD discs when I'm in town.

FACT - After I create the discs, I can install a new hard drive.

FACT - The boys have been taking state standard's tests all week.

FACT - The boys are racing to the end-of-school finish line.

FACT - With no easily accessible computer, I've had extra time for outside activities.

FACT - One morning, I took a sledge hammer to my sidewalk.

FACT - That afternoon, I installed a new walkway.

FACT - I took pictures.

FACT - I also planted 17 shrubs, 5 ornamental grasses, and some container plants.

FACT - I still need to mulch the flowerbeds.

FACT - I've walked or bicycled up to 2 miles each day for the last two weeks.

FACT - My left leg is larger than my right leg.

FACT - I haven't sewn a stitch this month.

FACT - I miss blogging, and I miss my blogging friends.

FACT - Until the boys finish with school, I'll have no (large chunk of uninterrupted) time to work on my laptop.

ALMOST FACT - I plan to be blogging again on a regular basis by the last week of May.

Thanks for all your concerned emails.
 I'm okay.
You are the best bloggy friends ever to check on me.
I truly hope to catch up with you and your blogs very soon.
Miss all of you so much!

Happy Thursday!

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