Friday, April 29, 2011

A to Z Challenge { Y }

9am...I'm hijacking my kids' computer for a hard drive is on the verge of crashing. Yoicks!
When I'm up and running, I'll hop around and visit your blogs and respond
to your lovely comments. Fingers crossed I don't lose everything.

We interrupt the regularly scheduled blog posts
  for April's A to Z Challenge!

I have no idea where my fingers and keyboard will take me
as I'm inspired with each day's corresponding letter.
Take the journey with me!
I look forward to your feedback.

Today's letter: Y

The younker stood under the yew yaffing. When I asked why all the yammering, the younker replied, "That yaffingale must've had a yapness, 'cuz he ate Miss Yancy's yag!" 

Yoicks! Miss Yancy would certainly be yarling if she were to discover what had happened to her yag. With a yikker as a yelt would make, I yerked up my skirts and clambered up the yew. Quietly, I stretched out my arm and gave the yaffingale a scratch. The yeuk did the trick. The yaffingale yexed and Miss Yancy's yag appeared. 

Does this yarn seem a little yeasty to you? Perhaps I could sell it as a yellowback! 

Special thanks to Noah Webster and his Unabridged Dictionary for the 'Y' words

younker...young person
yew...coniferous tree bark like a snarling dog woodpecker
yag...synthetic diamond made of yttrium aluminum garnet
yoicks...expression of surprise or excitement
yarling...wailing, howling little cry
yelk...young sow tighten itch
yexed...belched, spit out
yeasty...full of restless creativity dimestore novel

What is your favorite 'Y' word from the story?
Mine is younker...makes me think of my babies. :o)

Happy Friday!

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